Grow Tools Quick Snips

Grow Tools Quick Snips

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Grow Tools Quick Snips

Snip away in comfort - these scissors are equipped with extra-large handles. The Quick Snips’ tapered blades make them perfect for a clean fine trim.

Sharp fine trimming

Plants deserve better than whichever scissors are on hand. Blunt thick blades crush the stem rather than slicing it potentially damaging the plant and inhibiting its ability to grow new shoots.

The Quick Snips have a razor-sharp tapered blade to cleanly prune plants. They’re ideal for taking cuttings since plants remain undamaged and can continue to grow healthily.

Everywhere and anywhere

The thin ends of each blade mean the Quick Snips can reach easily into small corners or deep into the leaf canopy. They’ll make for a more thorough trim and even coverage even in hard-to-reach areas.

Comfortable and durable

The Quick Snips have a long wide handle shape known as the “butterfly”.

They’re not just a style choice! They provide plenty of room for growers’ fingers and reduce cramping - ideal for those regularly trimming. The handles are also coated in soft plastic for a comfortable grip.

High-grade steel blades mean these scissors will last for years to come and won’t compromise on the perfect trim.

What to use with Grow Tools Quick Snips?

Larger than the Grow Tools Bonsai Scissors these are ideal for stems leaves and thinner branches. They’ll provide a clean cut with:

  • Flowers;
  • Fruits vegetables and herbs;
  • Vines i.e. tomatoes and grapes;
  • Ornamental plants and orchids.

For brittle branches or super-fine small bushes the Bonsai Scissors may be a more suitable tool.

Why choose Grow Tools Quick Snips?

  • Pocket-size design;
  • Sharp clean cut;
  • Strong and robust;
  • Comfortable spacious handles;
  • Reaches difficult areas of the leaf canopy.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Grow Tools

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