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Hey there, I'm Charlie Pearson, co-founder of Proponics. My journey into the world of hydroponics started as a personal quest to understand and participate in the future of gardening. It has now blossomed into a commitment — to you and our planet.

Whether you're nurturing your first seedling or managing a flourishing hydroponic garden, our mission is to empower you at every stage. We craft new educational content every week in the form of insightful articles and educational video guides, ensuring that the wisdom of hydroponics is always within your reach while stocking the finest selection of hydroponics supplies and equipment. Join us at Proponics, where we're cultivating a greener future together. Check out our recent articles, latest video and shop linked below!


Transform your home into a green oasis with the ProGro. This state-of-the-art smart garden utilises hydroponic technology that enables you to effortlessly grow unlimited fresh herbs and vegetables year-round, without soil or outdoor space. Perfect for culinary enthusiasts, health-conscious individuals, and environmentally-minded urbanites seeking a convenient way to enhance their diet and lifestyle.

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