Grow Tools Bonsai Scissors (Box of 12)

Grow Tools Bonsai Scissors (Box of 12)

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Grow Tools Bonsai Scissors

Put down the kitchen scissors! These Bonsai Scissors from Grow Tools give a cleaner safer trim and reach all areas of the leaf canopy.

Sharper trim

Bonsai scissors aren’t just for decoration. They’re sharper than regular scissors and have thinner tapered blades.

Blunt scissors will crush plants’ stems as they cut through potentially harming their ability to create new shoots. Sharper finer blades give minimal damage and a cleaner appearance.

Get those hard-to-reach spots

The Bonsai Scissors’ short thin blades let them reach small branches without disrupting the rest of the plant. They’ll provide a finer trim all round and a more even end result.

Ergonomic and comfortable

Unlike the standard “butterfly” shape these bonsai scissors have one rounded and one flat handle for ultimate comfort and precision. The flat handle allows the user to reach low-down branches or trim against a flat surface such as a worktop.

What’s more they allow for a more comfortable grip and will prevent the cramping that comes from prolonged fine work.

What to use Grow Tools Bonsai Scissors with?

Their name gives it away! These scissors are ideal for bonsai trees.

However they’re also a great match for plants with thin stems or vines such as:

  • Orchids and ornamental plants;
  • Fruits;
  • Vegetables;
  • Herbs;
  • Flowers;
  • Small bushes and hedges.

They’ll easily cut through thin brittle branches and reach through dense leaf canopies.

Why choose Grow Tools Bonsai Scissors?

  • Small thin trimming scissors;
  • Sharper and cleaner than standard scissors;
  • Ergonomic flat/round handles;
  • Comfortable even during longer use;
  • Ideal for bonsai trees flowers bushes fruit and veg;
  • Perfect for pruning and taking cuttings;
  • Provides minimal damage to plants.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Grow Tools

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