Grow Gadgets Plug In Ozone Generator Air

Grow Gadgets Plug In Ozone Generator Air

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Grow Tools Ozone Generator

Efficiently remove odours and purify the air with Grow Tools Ozone Generator. It works by eliminating odours bacteria viruses and other pollutants via oxidation.

Compact and Portable

Ideal for a small to medium-sized room it’s compact portable and chemical-free. Users will hardly notice it is there as it is extremely quiet at just 26db - 34db.

The Ozone Generator infuses through the growing environment especially reaching those hard to access areas such as fixtures and ductwork sterilising and removing pollutants as it travels.

Simply plugin and let the Ozone Generator do the rest.


  • Purifies air with natural ozone
  • Specifically for small to medium grow rooms.
  • Chemical-free
  • Almost silent operation
  • Easy to use; plug and play
  • Compact light and portable.

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